My work is a sculptural system inspired by plants from arid regions of the world.  The system is named Zygo which means connected in Latin.  It is a modular system that is mobile and interchangeable while embodying a solid permanence.  The forms are simple to complex and are created from found and recycled objects.   Each piece is individually hand cast in concrete into these objects of refuse.  The forms once cured are combined to create pods, bulbs, segmented stem like stacked structures both vertical and horizontal.   The cast forms vary from one half inch to 500 pounds.    

Most of the work resembles botanical fossils from an industrial era.  There is an unseen art and architecture inside the negative space found in common disposable objects of everyday life.   The body of work continues to grow organically as more shapes are added to the system.

I am interested in finding the most minimal and geometric shapes that are universally understood and transforming industrial materials into something of beauty and grace.


Some of the many influences:

Bauhaus philosophy & theater production

Architecture of the Ancient World

Karl Blossfeldt

Antoni Gaudi


Buckminster Fuller

Alexander Calder

Mid-century modern modular design